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Amazing home has an entire skate park inside it

0 4 months ago

If you had the space and the skill to pull this off, would you?

If you were blown away by the Brisbane house that had a giant skate bowl in it, just wait till you see the wicked genius of this home that comes with an entire wooden skate park inside it.

The owner Rob Marsden is a mechanic who built a wooden 26ft by 39ft skate bowl inside the converted church hall he calls home, indulging his skating obsession, complete with ramps and it even has its own Facebook page which livestreams every Wednesday.

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Behind this unassuming exterior lies a gnarly secret – the most amazing handbuilt skate park.

Mr Marsden is a mechanic who began building the skate park to indulge his skating obsession – and it just kept growing.

It does have a modern kitchen.

The building houses his three bedroom home, but the vast majority of it is taken up by his skate park indoors.

A massive chunk of the property has been given over to the wooden indoor skate park which comes complete with a 13ft vertical wall and three 4ft quarter pipes, Mr Marsden told The Sun.

“I’m 45, I have a broken back and I’m a middle-aged shredder,” he said. “I never thought I would leave this place but I found a place out in the country that I have bought.”

Something like this is definitely a labour of love.

The rest of the property is well loved and comfortable.

He even built in a spot for verticals.

Listed for sale at 240,000 pounds by Attik Property Services, the property has still come in way cheaper than Brisbane’s own skate bowl home, which went viral after it was listed for sale complete with the skating dream accessory. The Brisbane house with the giant skate bowl in the living room was understood to have sold for close to its advertised listing price of over $2.375m.

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Mr Marsden’s love of boards is everywhere in the Norfolk home.

Anyone wanting the skate park inside will have quite a way to travel to get there though, with the 19th century home located in Terrington Saint Clement, Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

The property has gone viral since it was listed and featured across multiple sites including BBC.

Mr Marsden told The Sun he has not given up on skating despite his injury.

“I want to work from home and fix up the new place. I’ll make a concrete feature there that I’ll skate — just not inside this time.”


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