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Black man tells protesters ‘none of you represent Black lives’ as he protects Portland courthouse

0 5 months ago

A BLACK man has berated vandals who tried to storm a government building in Portland, telling them: “None of you guys represent Black lives.”

Footage shared on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday morning shows the unidentified protester clutching an American flag as he stood outside the Federal Courthouse in Oregon on Saturday.


A Black man told vandals in Portland that ‘none of you guys represent Black lives!’ while protecting the federal courthouse[/caption]


The encounter happened during another night of Black Lives Matter protests in Oregon[/caption]

In the minute-long clip, he attempts to shield the building from vandals who ripped down a fence placed in front.

“If you stand for justice come here with me! Because I stand for justice!” the man shouts at the mob.

“I’m not here to tear down this f*****g fence, I’m not here to spray paint, it’s going on every day,” he continues.

“If you don’t want to get gassed, stop! It has to stop! None of you guys represent Black lives!”

Portland has seen roughly seven weeks of nightly protests since the May 25 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Vandals broke into a building, set it alight, and lit dumpster fires late Saturday night, police said.


The unidentified Black man said: ‘If you stand for justice come here with me! Because I stand for justice!’[/caption]

AFP or licensors

Rioters defaced the US Courthouse in Portland over the weekend[/caption]


‘If you don’t want to get gassed, stop! It has to stop!’ the man shouted at vandals as they tried to deface the courthouse[/caption]

Fencing that had been put up around the federal courthouse was torn down by demonstrators, who then used them as barricades on Saturday.

Hours after the violent clashes between police and protesters, President Donald Trump insisted that cops were merely “trying to help Portland, not hurt it.”

He also blasted protesters as “anarchists and agitators.”

“We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE,” Trump said on Sunday morning.

“These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!”


Protesters tore down the fencing around the courthouse to use as barricades[/caption]


Tear gas canisters used on protesters by police lay empty on the ground[/caption]


Federal agents have allegedly refused to identify themselves to journalists and demonstrators[/caption]

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler slammed the federal response and claimed agents have done more harm than good during a CNN interview later that morning.

There are “dozens if not hundreds of federal troops descending upon our city, and what they’re doing is they are sharply escalating the situation,” Wheeler said.

“Their presence here is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union.

Wheeler issued an ultimatum to the president at a press conference on Friday, saying: “Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city.”


A protester sets an American flag on fire with a lighter[/caption]


A man walks past a burning pile during the intense clashes in Portland[/caption]


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler slammed the federal response in Portland in a Sunday morning interview[/caption]


The presence of federal agents ‘is actually leading to more violence and vandalism,’ Wheeler said[/caption]

He also accused Trump of “abusing” his federal powers to boost his lagging poll numbers.

“This is part of the core media strategy out of Trump’s White House: to use federal troops to bolster his sagging poll data,” he said.
“And it is an absolute abuse of federal law enforcement officials.”

Fox News

Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday told federal agents to stay in their buildings or leave Portland[/caption]

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