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Dana Rohrabacher disputes a Wikileaks lawyer on Trump’s pardon offer to Julian Assange; DOJ continues to protect politicians of both parties.

0 9 months ago

Most all of the mainstream news outlets reported today that Edward Fitzgerald, attorney for Julian Assange, claimed that the Trump administration offered Assange a pardon if he agreed to say that Russia was not involved in the release of emails to Wikileaks.

This pardon offer supposedly occurred when Rohrabacher visited Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London at an August, 2017 meeting arranged by Chuck Johnson.

Dana Rohrabacher responded by releasing a statement that essentially said that he was not acting on behalf of the Trump Administration, but would lobby the Trump Administration to grant a pardon to Assange based on whether or not Julian Assange gave certain information to Rohrabacher.

Rohrabacher’s statement continues and implies that Julian Assange wanted the pardon first. Mr. Rohrabacher then went to the White House to discuss all this with President Trump, where he was denied access to the President by John Kelley. In September 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported on Rohrabachers meeting with Kelley. In February 2018, Rohrabacher told the Intercept that Kelly had denied him access to the President.

The White House was already tied to the “Seth Rich was a leaker” narrative, according to text messages released by Rod Wheeler in a lawsuit of Wheeler v. Ed Butowsky and others. On May 14, 2017, Ed Butowsky told Rod Wheeler “Not to add more pressure but the president just read the article. He wants the article (about Seth Rich) out immediately. It’s all up to you.”

It’s just crazy to think that the President could be receiving information from the media on a murder theory that was related to his opponent in the Presidential election, that Trump wanted this narrative out there, and that the FBI would not investigate this murder. Of course the FBI investigated. And the investigation has been covered up. By the Trump Administration. Those facts don’t add up by any political motive. It’s a complicated puzzle isn’t it?

Not really. There’s a level above the red/blue distraction that few people see. It took me years of research to understand it. Both Donald Trump and the Clintons have deep ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Hillary’s emails released by Wikileaks highlight the close relationship between Hillary and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. This blackmail network has been controlling both sides of the political spectrum in the United States and other nations for quite some time. (The Rothschilds held what can be described as a Satanic party in 1972.) This network wanted Seth dead, in my opinion. They don’t want the public to connect the dots that governments have long hidden.

Epstein was silenced in a prison. William Barr said “co-conspirators should not rest easy.” That was 7 months ago. That’s the bottom line, after you get past speculating over political motives over Seth’s murder. Sure, it really looks like Seth’s murder involved the DNC, just as surely as the Republican DOJ continues to cover it up. Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Bre Payton and others weren’t murdered over health care plans and delegates, or even Trump and Clinton or Republicans and Democrats, in my opinion.

I don’t expect Russia to come out of this smelling like a rose either. The “Russia hacked the DNC” narrative now appears to be a red herring, but people connected to Russia almost surely helped create that narrative. This network is capable of coordinating actions between nations.

The DOJ is hopeless unless Barr goes rogue. The Democrats have the House. The Republicans have the Senate. Who will/won’t investigate? It’s one of those multiple choice questions.

A. The Democrats will investigate Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein

B. The Republicans will investigate Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein

C. Both parties will investigate Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein

D. Neither party will investigate Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein

Circle one. And call your Senator and Representative, whatever party they are in. “We the People” rule the United States, but it will take a bipartisan groundswell from citizens in both parties to accomplish anything.


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