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Far-right gunman who shot woman four times with AR-15 after she ripped down his Nazi flag on a dare claims SELF DEFENSE

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A FAR-right gunman, who shot a woman four times with AR-15 for ripping down his Nazi flag, claimed self-defense, court documents say.

Alexander Feaster, 45, is accused of shooting Kyndal McVey, 26, outside his home in Hunter, Oklahoma on June 28.


Feaster allegedly shot Kyndal McVey, 26, outside his home[/caption]

Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Feaster said he feared for his life, lawyers claim [/caption]

Facebook / Kyndal McVey

McVey spent several weeks in hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries.[/caption]

Feaster allegedly shot McVey four times with his firearm as she ran away from his home after she was dared to steal his Nazi flag.

He was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill on June 30 – but his legal team argued that Feaster feared for his life.

Stephen Jones and Gabriel Dunbar said Feaster was subject to numerous threats and harassment because of his political beliefs in a writ filed on Friday, August 7, reported the Enid News & Eagle.

In court documents, Feaster claims to be a “patriotic citizen” and a “loyal American,” who feared he was in “imminent danger of death or great bodily harm” on the night McVey stole the flag.

“The defendant is not a violent man and does not describe to all the tenants of National Socialism, but believes that the United States’ economic situation, as it is now, is not dissimilar from the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1930’s when Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor,” according to the brief.


The incident reportedly took place in the early hours of June 28[/caption]

Facebook / Kyndal McVey

McVey was shot four times – but Feasters lawyers claimed self-defense[/caption]

“He has held these views for the last two to three years. He has not demonstrated publicly other than displaying the flag or insignia on his property.”

Feaster thought there were 20 to 30 people at the party across the street from where he lived and it “appeared to him several individuals were holding guns under the light from their cellphones.”

It described how Feaster then thought it was their intention to show him they were armed before the incident in the early hours of June 28.

“He then heard what he thought to be his flag being forcibly removed. He grabbed his precautionary weapon, opened the main door, and yelled ‘Halt;’ the thief did not stop,” per the court document, cited by Enid News.

“Feaster was observed walking or running out of his home and believes he fired four ‘warning shots’ into the air above the thief. The thief appeared to to turn toward Mr. Feaster and point something at him.

Facebook / Kyndal McVey

The incident took place in Oklahoma [/caption]


Feaster’s attorneys said he was constantly targeted for his views[/caption]

“Mr. Feaster was isolated and alone, fearing for his life. He fired several more times below the thief’s center-mass in an effort to neutralize the thief, without killing the individual.”

The filing accuses McVey of trespass, larceny, hate crimes, violations of Oklahoma’s anti-terrorism act and public intoxication but noted that she was never charged with any of these crimes.

She spent several weeks in hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries.

A probable cause affidavit cited by the Mail revealed Feaster used his AR-15 to fire eight shots.

McVey was hit by four of them, in the back and lower legs, as she fled, before collapsing in a nearby ditch.

While searching his house for clues, investigators unearthed 15 guns.

He was being held in lieu of a $500,000 bond since he was arrested but a judge lowered it to $75,000 and Feaster was released shortly after.

This comes after his lawyers filed claiming his constitutional right to a reasonable bail was being infringed upon and was “effectively no bail at all,”

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