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Female doc shares bikini pic of her treating swimmer as she insists medics ‘can wear whatever we want’

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A DOCTOR has hit out at sexism in the medical industry by sharing a photo of a swimmer she saved while she wore a bikini.

Dr. Candice Myhre, who works in Kalaheo, Hawaii, joined a number of female doctors who have posted selfies in bikinis following a backlash against a “sexist” study.


Dr. Candice Myhre shared a number of photos of her carrying out medical duties while wearing a bikini[/caption]


Mhyre’s post was in response to a study, carried out by three males, that critics have called sexist for saying medics should not be photographed in swimwear[/caption]

The study in question was carried out by male researchers and claimed medics looked “unprofessional” for sharing swimwear snaps on social media.

But Dr. Myhre decided to show her more than 33,000 followers that she is more than capable of doing her job – even while wearing a bikini.

In the graphic post, which has been liked more than 250,000 times, a bikini-clad Mhyre can be seen attending to an injured swimmer on a beach.

Dr. Mhyre wrote: “Dr Bikini will save your life in the middle of the ocean when you get hit by a boat.

“I am an Emergency Medicine Physician standing in solidarity with female vascular surgeons today. NEWSFLASH: FEMALE DOCTORS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT.”


The hashtag #MedBiki has been circulating on social media this week after a study, published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, concluded “censored profanity,” such as swearing and “controversial social topics,” are unprofessional.

The study, carried out by three men, also said that doctors’ post that show them wearing “inappropriate/offensive” attire, such as swimsuits, holding or consuming alcohol, or that include “controversial political comments” are “potentially unprofessional.”

Such actions, the study concluded, could impact if patients decide to choose individuals as doctors.

As a result, female doctors took to social media to claim that the study, which did not refer specifically to female medics, was perpetuating sexism in the profession.


Other medics have taken to posting bikini photos on social media this week to protest the research[/caption]

Dr. Myhre’s viral post was made on Sunday, in which she included how she cared for the injured swimmer.

She wrote: “Female doctors, nurses, NPs/PAs, all healthcare professionals – we can wear a bikini, a dress, or we can wear scrubs.

“This does not change how good we are at being a healthcare provider. We can wear WHATEVER we want on our free time, and still save your life.

“Sexism in medicine is alive and well. But we won’t let that stop us.”

Over recent days, calls have mounted for the research to be retracted.

Dr. Myhre added: “In this ridiculous article published in a well respected medical journal, the vascular surgery authors sought out to determine how many vascular surgeons had participated in what they state is “inappropriate social media behavior”, which they defined as FEMALES IN BIKINIS – BUT GET THIS: NOT MEN IN BATHING SUITS.”


Mhyre’s posted was liked by more than 250,000 people[/caption]

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