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Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump’s ‘effort to sabotage vote by mail’ as an ‘incredible attack on our election system’

0 3 months ago

HILLARY Clinton said Donald Trump might try to rig the 2020 presidential election by interfering with the Postal Service.

The former Secretary of State – and the previous Democratic nominee to tangle with Trump in a general election – appeared on MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe” on Friday and speculated that the president may be trying to meddle with the vote by sabotaging mail delivery.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warns of alleged sabotage at the Post Office to fix the election

“I’m really worried that there will be direct interference with the election through the manipulation of the postal service,” Clinton said.

She added: “There’s a deliberate effort to sabotage vote by mail. That’s an incredible attack on our election system and everything else that the Post Office does, like deliver prescription medicine to veterans and social security checks and everything.”

Clinton and her supporters have blamed her 2016 loss in part on alleged foreign interference efforts, such as spreading disinformation or stoking divisions on social media. While Democrats’ ire has largely been focused on Russia, the scale and depth of any covert foreign operation in 2016 continues to be debated even today.

But Clinton appeared to have that alleged Russian scheme on her mind Friday.

Clinton referenced fellow DNC speakers who also advocated for people to vote by mail early
The Mega Agency
Trump has said he would send retired law enforcement officers to the polls as poll watchers

“I’m also worried that the disinformation campaign that was run in 2016, and unfortunately believed by many people, as post-election academic analysis had shown, will be really ramped up,” she said.

Clinton, who is no longer in government and does not receive intelligence briefings, warned that any “disinformation” this year “will be directed both at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And it will be no holds barred.”

“I’m worried about direct interference, undermining vote by mail, and I’m worried about the impact of propaganda,” she said.

Clinton, like fellow DNC speaker Michelle Obama did earlier this week, also advocated for Americans to vote by mail.

“If you’re going to vote by mail, do it as soon as you can. Follow all the rules. Take a picture of your ballot,” she said.

Trump has shown suspicion toward large-scale mail-in voting and believes the system can be manipulated by voter fraud. He has said he would send retired law enforcement officials to watch the polls in an effort to keep things fair, and Clinton also asked people to become involved by becoming a poll worker.

“Be a poll worker, be part of the campaign to protect our election,” she said. “This should be a nonpartisan commitment on the part of Americans.”

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