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I found out my bloke had been cheating for six months before our wedding – I wish I’d never ignored these red flags

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A BRIDE has opened up about how she discovered her fiancé had been cheating for six months before their wedding – and revealed the key red flags she ignored.

After her relationship broke down, Devin Allen, 31, went on to co-found the company d.i.y.BreakUp and discussed her ex-fiancé’s behaviour on the company’s TikTok channel.


Devin Allen, 31, was with her ex-fiancé for six years [/caption]

In one video, Devin explained: “I was with my ex-fiancé for about six years, and 90 days before we were supposed to get married, I found out that he was cheating on me for the past six months.

“His text messages accidentally were syncing to my laptop, and I found out on his bachelor party he was texting me and his girlfriend the same exact things. He was literally copying and pasting us the same exact text messages.”

However, Devin previously had suspicions that her fiancé was being unfaithful – including one instance where she saw he’d been sent a video of another woman’s breasts.

Although this sent alarm bells ringing, Devin’s partner had saved the woman he was cheating with in his phone under his best friend’s name – and convinced her that his mate was bragging about an affair he was having.


Devin discovered her ex was cheating six months before their wedding day[/caption]


She has shared the relationship red flags she wishes she never overlooked[/caption]

She said: “He said his friend was cheating with a girl they want to high school with, and he was showing off by sending these videos.

“Of course, I believed him. It required no further explanation.”

What’s more, Devin recalled in another clip how her and her friends had caught him rubbing another woman’s thigh in a bar – but he ran off to the bathroom before she could confront him.

“I didn’t want to bring it up to him in the moment because I didn’t want him to explode and embarrass me in front of my friends, which looking back is another huge red flag,” she said.


She eventually had concrete proof her ex had cheated after his texts synched with her laptop[/caption]


Her ex is still with the woman he cheated with[/caption]

When she tried to bring it up later, Devin’s ex claimed she had been spying on him and said he couldn’t marry someone with trust issues.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Devin’s ex even refused to take her to hospital when she couldn’t stop throwing up – and accused her of being an attention-seeker.

After a blow-out argument the night before, Devin woke up with a mystery illness – and her partner went to play golf anyway.

She eventually convinced him to come back and take her to hospital – but then stopped for food on the way to A&E.

Devin recalled: “I’m projectile vomiting out the window because of the smell. It doesn’t phase him at all.”


Devin took a trip to Las Vegas with her girlfriends in the wake of the split[/caption]


She also did some travelling to clear her head[/caption]

When they arrived at the hospital, Devin’s ex still insisted she was faking – even though she needed three IVs.

She continued: “While we were waiting, he starts messing with all the different kits they had laid out for anyone coming into the emergency room later that night.

“Then when the doctor came in and questioned what was going on, again he said I was faking and blamed the entire thing on me.”

Devin said: “‘I’m hoping by sharing some of my stories of things that went on in our relationship it can show other people that there are certain things you are not supposed to tolerate [and] put up with and sometimes people really aren’t who you think they are.”

After reading her ex’s texts to other women which had synched to her laptop, this concrete proof gave her the confidence to end the relationship – and swapped her wedding day for a Beyonce concert and trip to Las Vegas with her girlfriends.

In 2019, Devin launched the company d.i.y.BreakUp with friend Jessica Heilweil which helps other women coping with heartbreak.

Sharing her experiences with her 24,000 TikTok followers, Devin said: “Life is so much better now.”

And even though her ex is still with the woman he cheated with, she added: “I hope they’re happy.”

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