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Inside Mike Tyson’s incredible 30th birthday party including Donald Trump, 13 chefs and 19 ‘girlfriends’

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MIKE TYSON celebrated his 30th birthday party with Donald Trump, 13 chefs and 19 ‘girlfriends’ in his 52-room mansion.

The Baddest Man on the Planet turned 54 last Tuesday – with talk of a comeback still on the cards.

Tyson celebrated his 30th with Trump and a host of other celebrities
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Tyson hired 13 chefs for his birthday and each of them got to work in their own kitchens
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But it is unlikely the former heavyweight king – who thought he would be dead by 30 – partied anywhere near as hard as he did for his big 3-0.

In his book ‘Undisputed Truth’, Tyson wrote of “spending a fortune flying in friends from all over the country and putting them all up in a nearby hotel”.

They could not stay in his house because the 19 bedrooms were reserved for all the “lady suitors” he planned on bedding.

Tyson wrote: “We had 13 different chefs, each one cooking in their own kitchen.

“Everyone from Oprah to Donald Trump to Jay-Z to street pimps and their hos were there. There was a guy hand-rolling cigars.

“You entered the house on an actual red carpet – once you got past the 40 big Fruit of Islam bodyguards stationed outside.

“I was so egomaniacal that I reserved the 19 bedrooms in my house for girls who I wanted to sleep with.

Oprah and Trump partied together at Tyson’s 30th
Getty – Contributor

“I told Crocodile, ‘see all these girls? They’re mine’.”

Tyson did own three white tigers but never splashed out on a croc.

The ‘crocodile’ he is referring to is Steve Fitch, a close member of his inner circle.

But even being tight with Tyson was sometimes not enough to earn his respect.

The boxer – who will be played by Jamie Foxx in an upcoming film – moved out then-girlfriend Hope to make room for all the other ladies he had invited.

He wrote: “Hope was p***ed at me. She had been staying at the house, but I moved her out and put her up at the hotel so the room would be available for one of my lady suitors.

“She was hurt. Hope was an extremely attractive woman and the girls I was sleeping with were nowhere near her stature.

“[Hope told me] ‘Mike, this woman you’re bringing in is just so atrocious and unclean, she’s going to dirty my bed. You’re going to have to burn the mattress if she sleeps on the bed’.”

By 1996, when the party was held, Tyson admitted he was beginning to go off the rails once more.

He had been released from prison and defeated Frank Bruno to regain his WBC title.

But he wrote: “Now that I had my belt back, my grandiosity began to stomp all over my humbleness.”

Tyson could not control his love of excess and his mega birthday bash came just 69 days before his fight against Bruce Seldon – a fight he “hardly trained for”.

Tyson needed just one round to see off Seldon, in a fight which came 69 days after his massive party
AP:Associated Press

Not that it mattered, he saw off Seldon within two minutes of the first round.

Tyson said: “I had fought eight rounds since getting out of jail and I had earned $80 million.”

Sounds like that was just about enough to foot the bill of his wild 30th.

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