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Instagram model Anna Mya claims player ‘invited her to the NBA bubble’ – and fans want to know who it was

0 5 months ago

AN Instagram model has claimed a player has already invited her to the NBA bubble just days after it opened at Disney World.

Anna Mya, an Instagram model and gamer with over 16,000 followers tweeted Sunday afternoon “I already got invited to the bubble. Yea the season definitely ending early.”

Instagram model Anna Mya posted she had already received an invite to the NBA’s bubble in Disney World
Twitter/Anna Mya

Basketball fans didn’t waste time calling her a snitch for potentially canceling the season— again.

Fans graced social media with memes and jokes airing their frustration over the season’s abrupt close and reopening, with comedian Roy Wood Jr. joking “y’all SERIOUSLY think the NBA gonna be able to keep women out the COVID bubble?!!!”

Mya even posted a screenshot of texts between her and her mother.

“Why you being takashi” her mother asked, in reference to the rapper Tekashi 69’s short two-year prison sentence he received for tattling on members of his gang. Mya responded to trolls, saying “People calling me a snitch like it’s not known that they can have visitors in like 5 weeks.”

Instagram/Anna Mya

Anna Mya shot back at trolls calling her a snitch and said she and her inviter were laughing over her viral tweet[/caption]

Although she joked “wow y’all are gonna get me uninvited now. I’m out,” Mya posted later tweeted “y’all keep saying I’m going to fumble the bag. Me & him are laughing at this shit right now.”

Other Twitter detectives began looking for clues as to whom the mystery NBA inviter could be.

After Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba tweeted “@spidamitchell already wylin,” referring to the Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, Mya responded, “I wish it was him.” Other internet sleuths believe it’s Los Angeles Clippers Center Montrezl Harrell, who follows her on Twitter.
Harrell was quick to deny the allegation however, tweeting “Why the hell I wake up from a nap and everyone accusing Trezz of something,” before doubling down and saying “The crazy part sin I ain’t even did nothing.”

Getty Images – Getty

The 220-acre bubble at Disney World is the NBA’s answer to restarting the season while mitigating the spread of the coronavirus[/caption]

The 220-acre bubble is the NBA’s response to restarting the season while mitigating the potential spread of COVID-19. With an intense cleaning schedule and even stricter security monitoring those who enter, families and guests will be invited to the bubbles following August 30th— offering Mya and others the possibility to visit the bubble should their team make it past the first round of playoffs.

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