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Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo called ‘pretentious’ by fans after he shares ‘lost art of writing letters’ post

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JINGER Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo was called “pretentious” by fans for highlighting the “lost art of writing letters.”

Jeremy, 33, shared a photo holding a pen over a notebook with an open laptop in front of him on Friday as he promoted their biblical podcast.


Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo was called ‘pretentious’ on Friday[/caption]


He referenced the ‘lost art of writing letters’ in front of a laptop [/caption]


Reddit users lambasted his post and said Jeremy was ‘name-droppy’ [/caption]

“Finally. The weather in LA has caught up with the calendar,” he wrote.

“This week on the [Hope We Hold] podcast, [Jinger] & I chat about the lost art of writing letters and how it can cultivate gratitude in our hearts for others.”

The caption which also referenced his new fountain pen resulted in a snarky backlash on Reddit.

One user shared a screenshot of his post, which was entitled “WHY IS HE SO PRETENTIOUS? ‘The lost art of letter writing’ Ick,’” prompting a slew of negative comments.

“He’s that pretentious and name-droppy,” one person wrote, while a second said they were “surprised he’s not using an actual quill and ink. *rolls eyes.”


One person said they were ‘surprised he’s not using an actual quill and ink’[/caption]

“I, too, remember the first time I held a pen,” a third Redditor quipped.

Another user wondered why Jeremy was recommending letter-writing with a laptop in front of him.

“Okay but why would you brag about writing letters while you have an open laptop in front of you?” they wrote.

“That’s like bragging about how much you like to walk, while pushing your bike beside you.”

Others took issue with his description of the weather in Los Angeles in the wake of wild fires and heat waves.


The comments rolled in on Reddit as users mocked Jeremy[/caption]


One took issue with his description of the weather[/caption]


Another asked if he was using a pen and notebook when there was a laptop in front of him[/caption]


Jeremy was blasted for wearing a rainbow tie on National Coming Out Day because the thinks ‘being gay is a sin’[/caption]

“The weather has caught up with the calendar?!” one person asked. “California had been going through a heat wave these last couple weeks. “It’s literally 70 degrees in LA. He doesn’t even need that jacket.”

But it wasn’t all negative in the Instagram comments section, where fans praised Jeremy’s “messages of love and kindness,” while others discussed the merits of having a pen pal.

“I was just thinking about letter writing the other day and how we’ve driven away from doing things such as that by hand and not with technology,” another follower wrote. “I’ll have to tune in for that!”

Meanwhile, Jeremy recently came under fire for wearing a rainbow tie on National Coming Out Day even though he believes that “being gay is a sin.”

Jinger, 26, took to Instagram to share a photo with her husband as he wore a maroon blazer, blue dress shirt, and the multicolored tie on October 11.

The Counting On pair married in 2016 and share daughter Felicity, two, but they are now expecting another baby after a miscarriage last fall.

Getty Images – Getty

Grace has said it will not be held responsible for any COVID cases[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

The church has refused to follow public health orders[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Jeremy Vuolo is a leader at the church[/caption]

Today, The Sun revealed that their church suffered a coronavirus outbreak after defying public health orders – but they are continuing indoor services.

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley resumed indoor services in July but now has three confirmed cases, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

The church will continue its indoor services this coming Sunday, despite the outbreak, and all worshipers are welcome to wear a mask.

The megachurch has an estimated attendance of 7,000.

LA County Public Health confirmed that they are “currently investigating an outbreak at Grace Community Church.”

“As with all investigations of outbreaks, Public Health will work closely with the church to support outbreak management strategies that can limit transmission of COVID-19,” a spokesperson shared.

Jeremy is one of the leaders at Grace Community Church and Jinger has been regularly wearing her mask out in public.

The Duggars are devout independent Christian Baptists who avoid birth control and believe God determines the number of children they have.


They are expecting their second child[/caption]

Refer to Caption

They suffered a tragic miscarriage in 2019[/caption]


Jinger and Jeremy’s church is dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak[/caption]


Jeremy and Jinger married in 2016 and share daughter Felicity, two[/caption]


The Duggars are strictly conservatives and don’t believe in contraception[/caption]


Redditors complained that he was pretentious[/caption]

Refer to Caption

Jeremy isn’t a stranger to being blasted online[/caption]

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