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Little People’s Matt Roloff goes on vacation with girlfriend Caryn Chandler after week of ‘filming and farm chores’

0 5 months ago

LITTLE People, Big World’s Matt Roloff took a well-needed vacation with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

On Saturday, Matt, 58, revealed he and Caryn went on a getaway after a week of farm chores and filming.


Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, took a well-deserved vacation[/caption]


He also saw his son Jacob during the getaway[/caption]

He captioned a photo with Caryn and another couple: “Yesterday… after wrapping up filming and farm chores for the week… @carynchandler1 and I decided to break away and headed west for the 90 min drive to the small beach town — Manzinita! Had an amazing dinner with friends at a quaint little cozy Oregon coast restaurant @nknbistro.”

After dinner, Matt ran into his son Jacob.

The caption continued: “No sooner did we finish dinner – we ran into @jacobroloff45 (Izzy was at a friends house) walking his dogs down the main beach boulevard. Nice short visit with Jacob before heading off to see our friends new house they’re building.

“And bonus saw these Bull Elk and his cows hanging in the front yard. Nice! Have a great weekend out there!”


Matt has been renovating the farm house on Roloff Farms[/caption]

Getty – Contributor

Matt’s ex-wife Amy revealed the family has been filming for Little People, Big World[/caption]

Matt has been hard at work renovating the farm house on Roloff Farms.

Earlier this week, Matt’s ex-wife Amy, who he divorced in 2016, revealed Little People, Big World began filming amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She said to her followers: “We’re getting out of quarantine and figuring out the new norm.”

”Yesterday was the first day we were able to film. I had local crew here.

“My one producer down in LA, he has kids, he stayed there. He’s on a little iPad. It’s weird to have real people with you and then technology.”


Amy said cast and crew has to get tested for coronavirus[/caption]

She continued: “We’re going in slowly back to filming. We have four or five episodes out there that we weren’t able to finish. We’re going to try to finish that.”

Amy, 55, is hoping new episodes will air in the fall.

Amy said her and her fiance, Chris Marek, had to get tested, along with the crew, for coronavirus.

Amy Roloff Instagram

Amy is engaged to Chris Marek[/caption]

She said: “We went to one of those testing centers. We came back negative.

“I wear my mask when the crew first comes here. We take our temperature. We have to take our masks off.”

She continued: ”The crew gets tested too, they keep their masks on. We’re feeling it out. I thought yesterday and today went fantastic.”

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