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Little People’s Tori Roloff admits she’s ‘struggling with the guilt’ she feels for her kids in revealing post

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LITTLE People, Big World star Tori Roloff admitted she’s “struggling with the guilt” she feels for her kids in a new revealing Instagram post.

The mother of two penned a long note regarding the struggles she feels while raising her kids during the coronavirus pandemic on Instagram on Wednesday.

The reality star penned a long caption about the guilt she feels for her kids

Tori admitted she’s having a hard time raising her kids when the world is ‘upside down’[/caption]


She shares two kids with husband Zachary[/caption]

Alongside a selfie of her and daughter Lilah, eleven months, Tori wrote: “I KNOW I’m not the only one struggling. I KNOW I’m in a very privileged position.

” I KNOW I am being selfish. I KNOW people see and believe different that I do. But oh👏🏼my👏🏾dern.”


Tori acknowledged that she is ‘privileged’ in the post[/caption]


Tori said she’s been ‘struggling to accept my world right now’[/caption]

The 29-year-old continued: “I’ve been struggling to accept my world right now.

“I’ve been struggling coming to terms with how long this mess has gone on and how I still see no light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’ve been struggling with the guilt I feel for my kids-especially Lilah.”


She admitted going to doctors appointments without Matt has been difficult[/caption]

Tori shares Lilah and three-year-old son Jackson, who are both little people, with husband Zachary Roloff, 30.

After stating that the family had “some pretty rough stuff hit our house in the last two months,” Tori admitted she struggled to attend medical appointments “without my teammate by my side.”


The mom of two said that she was leaning on her faith during the difficult time[/caption]

She continued: “I struggle sharing my life when sometimes it doesn’t feel authentic because our world is so upside down and backwards right now.”

The Little People, Big World star explained that she was sharing the post “in hopes that someone reads it and doesn’t feel alone.”

After stating that her family isn’t “alone,” she added: “I thank the Lord every single day that my family is here and healthy.

Getty Images – Getty

Tori’s in-laws, Amy and Matt, are both little people[/caption]

“Maybe I’m sharing also to not feel alone. Some days can feel so clouded by what’s truth and whats fear.

“My truth is God and because God is with me I will not be afraid. But I can still vent about it on Instagram right?”

Tori has been open about the struggles she feels as she raises two little people in the past.


Tori broke down during a recent episode of the TLC show[/caption]

While she is a normal height, her husband and his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, are all little people.

During a recent episode of the TLC show, Tori broke down in tears while explaining that she thought Lilah could “die” from a “scary” respiratory virus.

She explained in an interview: “Raising two kids with dwarfism, you always has this background of ‘what could be wrong?’ and I think I’m a little more hypersensitive when it comes to making sure my kids have proper medical care.”

After Lilah was diagnosed with the respiratory infection, Tori told her father-in-law: “It scared me because [Zach] almost died from RSV, so that’s where… That’s where I instantly was like, ‘Oh my god my kids going to die. And that’s not the case at all.”

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