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LPBW’s Amy Roloff slammed by fans after she ‘favorites’ son Jeremy over Zach about which sibling will take over the farm

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LITTLE People, Big World star Amy Roloff was slammed by fans who think she “favorites” son Jeremy over Zach in a feud about which sibling will take over the family farm.

During Tuesday’s episode of the TLC show, Zach spoke to his parents about wanting to buy Amy’s portion of the farm and raise his kids in the house she just moved out of.


Fans slammed Amy for taking Jeremy’s side of Zach[/caption]


Zach said he was interested in becoming more involved in the family’s farm[/caption]


Jeremy has been outspoken about wanting to take over the farm[/caption]


One fan tweeted that Amy was playing ‘favorites’[/caption]

After Zach, 30, told Amy about his idea, the 56-year-old said there was a “big dilemma” because his twin brother Jeremy was also interested in taking over the property.

Fans took to Twitter to slam the Roloff matriarch for taking sides in the sibling rivalry.

One Little People, Big World fan wrote: “Is Amy trying to play favorites? She seems like she doesn’t want Zach to have the home, she seems her favorite is Jeremy?”

Another person added: “You could tell Amy didn’t want Zach having the house. She’s always been partial to Jeremy.”

A third person said: “Is it just me or is Amy siding with Jeremy over zack? I think Zack and Tori would do the farm well. I know Amy is worried about being back in that house but don’t put that on the kids. Let them build onto what you gave them.”


Someone else wrote that Amy has always been ‘partial’ to Jeremy[/caption]


Another fan noted that Amy was ‘siding with Jeremy’[/caption]


Amy admitted she was ‘shocked’ by Zach’s interest in the property[/caption]

Earlier in the episode, Zach spoke to his wife Tori, 29, about potentially moving to the property.

Zach admitted: “Everyone’s always assumed that Jeremy would be the one taking over the farm, including myself, and that’s just because I always deferred to him when it came to the farm.

“But as I’ve gotten older and become a father, I also spent more and more time working on the farm and that has helped me become more assertive.”


Zach first spoke to Tori about his idea[/caption]

Refer to Caption

Tori said it would be ‘an adventure’ to raise their two kids on the farm[/caption]

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Jeremy, his wife Audrey and their two kids are also in the running to buy the land[/caption]

After he pitched the idea of buying his mom out of the farm, Tori responded: “I don’t know. We already hang out with your family so much. Do we want to intertwine even more?”

Despite her hesitations, the mom-of-two added that raising their kids on the farm would “be an adventure.”

Zach next approached his father Matt, 59, who said that he “loved” the idea.


Matt said he ‘loved’ his son’s idea to help out more with the family business[/caption]

Amy was not as receptive to the idea and said in a private interview: “I think I was shocked that I couldn’t even respond because that was definitely a surprise and I didn’t know he was thinking about that and I know Jeremy has been thinking about it for quite some time.

“It suddenly changes how Matt and I look at this property.”

Matt and Amy- who also share kids Molly, 27, and Jacob, 23- bought the farm in 1990.

The former couple finalized their divorce in 2016 after 30 years of marriage.

The Sun exclusively reported in September that Amy sold 32.28 acres of land at the Roloff Farms address to Matt for $975,000 on August 13. 

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Amy sold her portion of the land to Matt in August[/caption]

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