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Mama June and boyfriend Geno confess they spent $150K on cocaine in just six months as they enter rehab

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MAMA June and her boyfriend Geno Doak shockingly revealed they spent $150,000 on cocaine in just six months.

The 40-year-old WeTV star made the confession as they were on their way to enter the Florida rehab facility they did a 30 day program at earlier this year.

June and Geno admitted to spending $150,000 on cocaine in just six months
Mama June and Geno were arrested for possession of a controlled substance – crack cocaine – and possession of drug paraphernalia – a crack pipe – in March 2019
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The show’s production crew tagged along with the couple as they flew to Florida to enter their treatment facility.

Before they got in the car to drive to the airport, June “Mama” Shannon can be seen hugging a producer with a big smile on her face.

“We’re f***ing doing this,” the reality star said as she braced herself for the trip.

While inside the SUV, June and Geno reveal shocking details of what their life had been like in recent months.

“It has been kind of f***ed up. It got to the point where being able to afford a hotel and being able to live just was not possible.

“So then we started sleeping in the suburban.”

Show producers traveled with June to Florida to check into rehab
The couple said their drug habit cost them so much, they had to sleep in the car
June called their cocaine habit a “vicious cycle”

When a crew member asks why they couldn’t stay at a motel, Geno confesses their drug habit used up their cash.

“Hell, in the last six months we spent $150,000 on cocaine,” he said before his girlfriend agreed.

“Our thing is, we just get in that vicious cycle. Like, we want to do good,” June adds.

The mom-of-four then explained how they were clean for over a week but five days before they entered rehab, they relapsed.

Mama June and her boyfriend Geno Doak entered rehab earlier this year
The couple said they only got clean when they “didn’t have anymore money”

“If, four or five days ago, we were not offered that one hit, we would have been clean,” the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum said.

Her boyfriend responded “no it’s not” before June added it’s true because they “didn’t have the money.”

“Okay well that’s true. That’s the reason we were clean, we didn’t have the money. We were going through an eight ball an hour,” Geno confessed.

Geno then shared June lost it when he got high without her and didn’t share days before, and that was the moment he knew they needed help.

“I just don’t know how to feel, I honestly don’t,” a frustrated June said with her face in her hands.

Mama June is “in communication” with her family from a distance
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On Thursday, The Sun exclusively revealed that the couple checked into a Florida rehab for a 30-day program this year.

The family’s therapist, Dr. Ish Major, told The Sun: “She’s thinking, ‘I’m running out of money, I’m selling my things, I have legal trouble, maybe it is time to get help.’

“Finally she got to the part where she was ready to take action.

“They went in very discreetly, very quietly, once they hit their rock bottom they went to a treatment center in Florida.”

Dr. Ish previously told The Sun that Mama June is currently “in communication” with her four daughters, Anna, 25, Jessica, 23, Pumpkin, 20, and Alana, 14, from Florida, where she currently lives with Geno.

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