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Man Utd star Paul Pogba shows off new Black Lives Matter inspired haircut ahead of clash against Bournemouth

0 7 months ago

PAUL POGBA has shown his support for the Black Lives Matter movement with a new haircut.

The Frenchman showed off his new trim ahead of Manchester United’s clash with Premier League strugglers Bournemouth.

Paul Pogba had a clenched fist shaved into his hair

Shaped into the side of his head is a clenched fist which is a symbol of solidarity and support against the treatment of the black population.

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The fist was made iconic at the 1968 Olympics when US athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos made raised-fist salutes from the podium in protest against the treatment of African Americans.

Footballers around the world have been showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

His death sparked global protests while footballers have been taking a knee before kick-off with some stars including Pogba raising a fist in the air.

Premier League chiefs were forced to insist that their support for the Black Lives Matter movement is about fighting discrimination and not a political stance.

League chief executive Richard Masters came under fire from MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport select committee.

They questioned whether in backing the Black Lives Matter campaign so publicly he had allowed the organisation to become embroiled in politics when it had previously made clear it did not want to be drawn into partisan arguments.

Masters insisted the League had responded to a “unanimous” view of players they wanted to mark both the work done by the NHS during the coronavirus crisis and BLM.

The Manchester United ace showed his solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement

AP:Associated Press

Pogba raised a fist ahead of kick off against Bournemouth[/caption]

He said: “I think it is perfectly possible to support Black Lives Matter – the sentiment – without being seen to support any political organisation.

“We are an apolitical organisation but I think we are happy to support the players.

“It is the right moment to do it and for the first time I feel that players, managers, leagues and clubs are on the same page on the issue of discrimination and that feels to me like a positive step.”

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