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Mom ‘plotted with QAnon supporters to kidnap son from foster care believing he was taken by satanist pedophiles’

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A MOM is facing charges for allegedly plotting to kidnap her son from foster care with the help of QAnon conspiracy theorists who believed the boy was taken by “evil Satan worshipers” and “pedophiles.”

Cynthia Abcug, 50, of Colorado, was reportedly plotting to get her child back in a “raid” with other – possibly armed – QAnon members.

AP:Associated Press

Cynthia Abcug was reportedly planning to kidnap her son from foster care with the help of QAnon conspiracy theorists[/caption]


Abcug’s daughter said she began to spiral after her son was taken in January 2019[/caption]

QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy theory, has recently made its way from the dark web to the mainstream.

The theory centers around an anonymous source, Q, who is allegedly trying to tell the world a secret. The theory indicates that President Donald Trump is waging a secret battle against a pedophile ring that is run by celebrities and political elites.

The theory is completely unfounded at this time.

Abcug, however, became increasingly involved with QAnon supporters last year, according to reports, and was arrested in December 2019 for plotting to take back her son for reasons related to the conspiracy theory.

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QAnon has made its way from the dark web to the mainstream in recent months[/caption]


Abcug is facing kidnapping and child abuse charges[/caption]

She appeared at a preliminary hearing on Thursday, where a judge ruled that she will continue to face one count of kidnapping and one count of child abuse, according to The Daily News.

A followup arraignment will be held Sept. 25.

Claims made by Abcug’s 15-year-old daughter, who was still in her custody while her brother was in foster care, led to her arrest.

The daughter reportedly told authorities that her mom was living with an “armed man” and was “spiraling down” as she became increasingly interested in conspiracy theories.

The girl said she was concerned someone would get hurt because her mother said “evil Satan worshipers” and “pedophiles” had taken her child.

An arrest affidavit states that, “Initially she only discussed the QAnon group, however more recently, Abcug has escalated into talking more about ‘the raid’ plan.”

Abcug’s son was reportedly moved to foster care in January 2019 after she was suspected of lying about his health problems.

The daughter claimed that her mom’s spiraling began after he was taken, according to ABC, and that Acbug basically stopped leaving her house except to attend QAnon meetings.

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