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Mortified woman thinks she’s ‘ruined’ carpet with huge foundation spill – but £1 spray gets it looking as good as new

0 5 months ago

NOT trying to boast or anything – but we’ve basically nailed our morning makeup routine to the point where we could do it with our eyes closed.

That said, we’re pretty sure we’d inevitably end up knocking foundation all over the floor if we were to ever try this out – so it’s well worth investing in the £1 spray cleaning fans have been raving about.


The woman panicked when she dropped foundation on her grey carpet[/caption]

Posting on the Facebook group Girlsmouth, one woman revealed how she accidentally spilled foundation underneath her dressing table and all over her grey carpet.

Fearing she’d ruined it, the desperate woman asked for advice for help with her “carpet emergency” and feared she’d be “in the s**t” with her other half.

Luckily for the woman, cleaning fans were quick to recommend Mrs Hinch’s favourite £1 Elbow Grease spray to sort the stain – and it worked wonders.

After soaking the stain in soapy water, the woman used the £1 degreaser on the foundation stain and was amazed by how well it removed the makeup.


She was amazed by how well the spray removed the makeup[/caption]

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Fortunately, the woman’s partner couldn’t have been annoyed if he tried – and instead “wet himself laughing”.

What’s more, cleaning fans have previously used the bargain-friendly spray to clean everything from filthy staircases, dining room chairs and suede shoes.

The woman’s post had other members prompted other members to share their top tips – including one who recommended The Body Shop’s camomile cleanser as a stain remover.

Another wrote: “Baking powder and water – works wonders I got hot pink hair dye out of my grey carpet.”

A third said: “Vanish spray gets all the stains out my carpet from the kiddies and dogs.”

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And this mum shared her genius bathroom cleaning hack which means you’ll never have to deep clean your shower again.

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