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Mum shares her simple hack to give her kids a hot lunch while on a picnic – and it only costs a few quid

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SUMMERTIME usually means eating al fresco with families packing up picnics to enjoy at the park or the beach. 

While it’s a novelty to eat outside, you’re usually limited to cold dishes with soggy sandwiches and finger food often on the menu. 

Swords & Snoodles/Facebook

A mum has shared her simple hack to give her kids hot food on a picnic[/caption]

But one mum has come up with an inventive way to give her kids hot food on a picnic – and it only costs a few quid. 

The mum, posting on her Facebook page Swords & Snoodles, said: “Out for the day and need something quick for tea… take your hotdogs in a thermos flask!

“Over 12 hours it keeps them hot for! Ketchup in a little tub… winner winner hotdog dinner!

“(We drained the hotdogs and placed in a flask full of boiling hot water.)” 

Swords & Snoodles/Facebook

All you need is a cheap flask, some buns and sausages [/caption]

She shared a snap of her kids enjoying their warm hotdogs, and to recreate her idea all you need is a cheap flask, buns and some sausages.

Her post has since gone viral after being shared online, with more than 1,500 people liking the idea. 

Mums praised her hack as ‘genius’, saying they’re desperate to try it out next time they have a picnic.

Commenting online, one mum said: “We did this yesterday, super easy and very little rubbish and tidy up time!”

Swords & Snoodles/Facebook

The mum revealed she pre-heats the hotdogs and keeps them warm in the thermos[/caption]

Swords & Snoodles/Facebook

This idea spells the end of cold, soggy sandwiches on picnics [/caption]

Another wrote: “I did this for my family today and it was such a nice change from sandwiches!”

A third thought: “Next beach trip we need to do this instead of sandwiches.”

Someone else asked: “Why have we never thought of this.”

While this mum added: “Great idea for dinner picnics.”

The mum’s idea has been liked more than 1,500 times as parents were desperate to try it themselves

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