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Psychic RHOBH’s Kyle Richards accused of stealing her ring hits back at reality star and says she ‘doesn’t deserve this’

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THE psychic accused of stealing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ ring hit back at the reality star and said she “doesn’t deserve this.”

The Bravo star accused Diana French of stealing her mother’s heirloom after actress Diane Keaton posted a photo of her sporting a similar ring.

Inside Edition

Diana slammed Kyle’s claims that she stole her ring[/caption]


The RHOBH star’s ring went missing during a 2017 burglary [/caption]

The RHOBH star launched a desperate hunt for the stolen heirloom, which was taken from her Encino home as part of a $1 million heist in 2017.

Diana, a retired pharmacy clerk based in Los Angeles, broke her silence regarding the allegations when she spoke to Inside Edition.


Diane Keaton shared a photo of the woman’s hands sporting a similar ring[/caption]

She told the outlet about learning of the accusation: “My twin sister called and said, ‘Diana, you’re on Google.’”

Diana said that the ring is a family heirloom, claiming: “My mother was killed 40 years ago and my dad gave me her band.”

She added that she has appraisal papers from the 1980s that seemingly confirm the $2,500 ring belongs to her, as well as family photos of showcasing her wearing the ring for decades.

Inside Edition

The woman claimed that the ring has been in her family for decades[/caption]

Inside Edition

She said that she has a number of photos of her wearing the ring that spans decades[/caption]

During a Real Housewives Secrets Revealed special, Kyle said that she reached out to Diane to find the mystery woman she posted a photo of wearing the ring on July 13 of last year.

When the 51-year-old star got in touch with the actress, Diane explained that she had no information regarding the woman’s identity and simply posted the photo of her hands because her long black nails were “so interesting.”

Getty Images – Getty

Diane said that she posted the photo because she found Diana’s nails to be ‘interesting’[/caption]

Regarding her memorable nails, Diana told the outlet that she’s always had them and would be “totally lost without them.”‘

She claimed that Diane took the photo of her hands “on the counter of the pharmacy” when the actress was her customer.

TikTok / @daddiebrown

A TikToker claimed the ring belonged to her grandmother[/caption]

Following Kyle’s accusations, a TikTok user posted a viral video shutting down the RHOBH star’s suspicions.

TikToker @daddiebrown, who appears to be Diana’s granddaughter, said in the video: “Hey Kyle Richards, I see this post on Diane Keaton’s story about your mother’s stolen rings.”

She continued: “I just want to clear things up. This ring right there – that’s my grandma’s ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over fifty years. Has had those rings for decades. Here are a couple of pictures to prove it.”

The TikTok user went on to show the ring in older pictures, claiming: “These are my grandma’s hands at my fifth grade graduation. There’s the ring that you’ve been talking about.”

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