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RHONY’s Jill Zarin says it would be ‘selfish’ to tie the knot before daughter Ally and vows to wait for third marriage

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RHONY star Jill Zarin said that she wants to wait to walk down the aisle for the third time until her daughter Allyson Shapiro gets married for the first time.

The 56-year-old Bravo star exclusively revealed to The Sun that it’s “better to be the girlfriend than the wife” as marriage rumors swirl with boyfriend Gary Brody.

Jill told The Sun she wants to wait for Ally to get married before she gets hitched again
The RHONY star has been dating boyfriend Gary since 2018

Jill spoke about her tight knit family after her boyfriend was labeled as her “fiancé” on last week’s episode of RHONY.

Fans were hopeful the president of Marcraft Apparel Group put a ring on the reality star.

However, the TV personality confirmed to The Sun that the labeling was a “mistake.”

While the couple is not engaged yet, Jill aded: “We’ve talked about it but won’t do it anytime soon with Covid.”

The mom of one admitted she would feel “selfish” if she got hitched again before her 27-year-old daughter.

The 27-year-old is the Bravo star’s only child
The mother-daughter duo are very close and often attend events together
Getty Images

“I want Ally to get married before me. A lot of mother’s do and should put their children first. So I want to put her first.

“I want her to have happiness the first time before I have it the third time. It would be selfish of me,” the Jill Zarin Home mogul said.

She added: “I have no time frame. I don’t really care, I’m just happy.

“Like some people say, it’s sometimes better to be the girlfriend than the wife.”

Jill was previously married to Bobby Zarin from 2000 until his death from cancer in 2018.

Jill and Gary are currently quarantining together with Ally in Florida
The family left New York during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown

Just before her marriage to Bobby, Jill had split with her first husband, Steven Shapiro, after being married for “about a decade.”

Fans got to see a glimpse of Gary – who she started dating in 2018 – briefly in last week’s episode of the Bravo franchise.

He also popped up last season but his camera time was cut short due to family concerns.

“We filmed with all good intent and then afterwards his family just didn’t want him to be on the show for privacy or whatever,” Jill said.

Jill was married to Bobby Zarin from 2000 until his death in 2018
Getty Images
Bobby was Ally’s stepfather as Jill had her from her first marriage
Getty Images

She continued: “So he told the show he couldn’t be on and they were disappointed.

“But this year they said he would sign so that’s why you got a little bit. He’s very funny, they didn’t show enough of him.”

She said her beau would “totally love to be on camera.”

“Gary would have been great on the show. Too good.

Jill and Ally have handmade tie-dye face masks for the star’s home line

“He would have been too good I think his head would have blown up.

“So I have very mixed feelings on if I ever went back and bringing him on because I think he would be too good,” the home decor designer said.

Jill is currently quarantining in Florida with her family during lockdown.

Ally and her mom have tie-dyed masks by hand which the star has documented on her Instagram.

For each one sold, the mother-daughter duo donate a piece to a frontline worker.

Jill confessed the job will make her have ink under her fingernails “for forever.”

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