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Stewardess who compared Hong Kong quarantine centre to ‘concentration camp’ is suspended by BA

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A BRITISH Airways stewardess who sparked a diplomatic row by comparing a Hong Kong quarantine centre to a “concentration camp” was suspended today.

Ellie Freeman is accused of bringing BA in to disrepute after going public at her disgust at conditions provided by Chinese authorities.

Facebook / Ellie Freeman

Ellie Freeman, who described the Hong Kong compound as ‘a literal concentration camp’, has been suspended by BA[/caption]


Snaps showed the basic surroundings of the quarantine centre[/caption]

The exterior of the centre was lined with a fence and high walls

But crew colleagues are furious Ellie – called to a meeting with management – has been disciplined by airline bosses.

The Sun told how a political storm was sparked when BA cabin crew were confined to a quarantine centre for 14 days last month.

Thirteen employees were marched from their hotel and taken to a compound after one stewardess tested positive for Covid-19.

And while the infected woman was confined to hospital, the rest of her crew were forced to self-isolate in basic rooms – which Ellie described as being like “a literal concentration camp”.

Footage shared by Ellie showed “scared” stewardesses in masks being processed by uniformed staff in Hong Kong.

Ellie said she was “so scared,” after lamenting she could feel a “breakdown” coming on to pals on social media.

In a rant on Snapchat she told how she had been given just 30 minutes notice to pack essentials before crew were carted off to the “camp”.

Staff were fed cups of noodles and crackers and had to select their fortnight’s worth of meals from a grim menu featuring mainly boiled eggs and vegetables.

Ellie also revealed how cheeky China officials tried to charge her $60HK – £6 – for a single sanitary towel.

BA bosses engaged with the British consulate in Hong Kong, but no visitors were allowed in to see the crew.

Diplomats and airline officials begged China to allow the crew to return to the UK and quarantine here.

Airline executives arranged for toiletries and pyjamas to be sent to their stricken staff – members of BA’s younger and inexperienced ‘mixed fleet’ crew.

China operates a no-nonsense attitude to Covid-19 checks amid fears the disease was born in a testing laboratory in Wuhan.

A source told The Sun last night: “The decision to suspend Ellie has raised eyebrows and caused unrest among crew.

“She was genuinely scared about what happened, but could now face the chop.”

Last night British Airways said: “A member of cabin crew has been suspended pending further investigation.”

Facebook / Ellie Freeman

Ellie was suspended for brining the airline into disrepute [/caption]


The Brit posted pictures of the centre on social media[/caption]


Staff had just 30 minutes to pack the essentials for their two-week stay[/caption]


Cabin crew were fed biscuits and cup noodles[/caption]

The staff survived on noodles and pasta, Ellie said

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