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Supernanny viewers in tears as she begs stepdad not to beat boy, 10, grieving after his father died in a car crash

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SUPERNANNY viewers were reduced to tears last night as Jo Frost begged a stepfather not to beat a 10-year-old boy grieving the death of his dad in a tragic car accident.

Appearing on the most recent episode of the E4 show, parents Ralph, 34, and Brittany, 30, asked for Supernanny’s help disciplining their six children.


10-year-old Braylon lost his dad Archie in a car crash a few months before the show was filmed[/caption]

During the episode, the mum confessed that the children’s behaviour had significantly worsened after her ex-husband Archie was killed in a car crash.

Brittany was married to Archie for 10 years and the couple had three children together before their split.

Her new partner Ralph then admitted that he’d resorted to beating his eldest stepson Braylon to try and discipline him since the accident.

In an emotional scene, Braylon told Jo that his stepfather “comes in and whips” him when he’s misbehaving – usually with his hand or a wooden paddle.


The child said he didn’t want to let his parents know how scared he was because it would ‘make Ralph said’[/caption]


Ralph admitted to smacking the children as a means of punishment[/caption]

As Jo cuddled Braylon as he cried, the youngster added: “He whips me on my legs most of the time. With his hand, or a paint stick.”

The heartbreaking scene struck a chord with viewers – with many tweeting to say how they couldn’t hold back their tears.

“I have never sobbed so much at an episode of Supernanny USA before,” one replied. “It HURTS how much I relate to this episode.”

“Catching up on Supernanny USA and I’m bawling,” another added. “Jo Frost has this very special way of ‘seeing’ children, even parents, who feel completely unseen or misunderstood.”


Brittany broke down in tears when Jo asked to see the wooden pallet used to hit the kids[/caption]


The exhausted parents said ‘nothing works’ with their children[/caption]

A third wrote: “This was a tough one for me to watch what a lovely family and what a lovely little boy Braylon is.”

A fourth replied: “I cannot cope with this SuperNanny. All Braylon needed was a hug from someone, the way he sunk into Supernanny literally shattered my heart.”

Admitting they needed help, the struggling mum told Jo: “No matter what we have tried, nothing sticks.”

The parents said that since Archie’s death, Brittany’s three eldest children have started lying to them, bullying one another and being generally disrespectful as they process their father’s accident.

Meanwhile, Ralph expressed his fear that his stepchildren were starting to resent him – whereas Braylon told Jo that he didn’t want his parents to know scared he was because it would “make Ralph sad”.



Viewers were reduced to tears over the emotional scenes[/caption]

When Jo asked the parents if she could see the wooden pallet used to smack the kids, Brittany broke down in tears and the expert begged Ralph not to hit them again.

She said: “These children need help with the grieving process. You’re being asked to have more patience. Spanking will never, ever be an effective tool.”

“You will never ever build a relationship and foster intimacy and closeness when you choose to hit them.

“If you are to raise children who are respectful, they have to have respect for themselves first.”

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