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Thandie Newton admits ‘frustrations’ with Westworld character Maeve for ‘following other peoples’ leads’ in season 3

0 5 months ago

THANDIE Newton has slammed her Westworld alter-ego Maeve’s trajectory in the latest series.

The acclaimed British actress has embodies the ruthless android since HBO rebooted the classic film into a TV series.

Westworld fight
Maeve and Dolores came to blows in season 3

Earlier this year audiences saw Maeve take on Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) after entering into a deal with the founder of Delos.

The pair fought valiantly as Dolores attempted to topple the dastardly corporation and in satisfying scenes ultimately united against the tyrannical entrpeneur.

However, Thandie admitted she felt vexed by Maeve getting into bed with the villain in the first place rather than carving out her own path after escaping the Wild West-themed park.

“I do have frustrations with Maeve, but that’s part of her story line,” she told Vulture.

Newton (above in 2016) has said that she lost roles because of her choice to be vocal about abuse and harassment
Getty Images

Maeve caused carnage in Westworld back in season 2

“The second and third season has Maeve with a different directive, but it’s not her own,” she continued.

“She’s following other people’s leads, by and large. In the first season, she was driving, dominating, pretty straightforward.”

However, she claimed that Maeve’s swinging loyalties weren’t coincidental, but rather symbolic of those who are disenfranchised by the extreme capitalism of the show’s world.

“I think Maeve is a metaphor for the dispossessed in the world, and she’s become that kind of leader, but she’s not had a chance to lead, and I don’t think she necessarily should,” she concluded.

Westworld Maeve
Maeve is played by Thandie Newton

Westworld fans have claimed the ‘real world’ in season three is just another simulation in a mind-blowing Delos twist

Fans can expect to see more of Maeve as HBO have confirmed that Westworld will be returning for a fourth season, with a release speculated for 2021.

However with the global coronavirus pandemic still taking its toll on TV production it remains unclear when filming will kick off.

The creators of Westworld have also teamed up with Amazon for a nuclear apocalypse series set in the world of popular video game franchise Fallout.

Westworld is available to stream on NOW TV.

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