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The last Mercury retrograde of 2020 is happening – here’s what it means for your star sign

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MERCURY retrograde. As if 2020 hadn’t brought us enough already, we now have to face one of the trickiest events on the astrological calendar.

A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on Earth. It’s actually just an optical illusion.

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The last mercury in retrograde of 202 is happening[/caption]

Mercury turns retrograde about 3-4 times per year, and lasts for several weeks. Mercury is the planet of commerce, travel and communication and, when it’s in retrograde, all its usual positive influences on those areas turn, well, negative.

Crossed wires, missed signals, spoiled plans, travel delays etc. It’s an absolute dilly of a time, and most of us experience some setbacks.

Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 13th, ending in the air sign of Libra on November 3rd, 2020.

Scorpio. Yikes. This is an intense sign, ruling secrets and hidden fears or vices, what we hold deep within ourselves. We may, at this time, be forced to face aspects of our character, or our lives, which we didn’t want to. Events will conspire to bring the hidden demons into light.

Kerry King has revealed what Mercury in Retrograde will mean for YOU

Power and control are also marked by Scorpio, and we may resist against those we feel have too much power over us. Make sure, however, that it’s not you who’s the one being domineering or controlling towards others.

Scorpio also rules regeneration and change, and you may find yourself being nudged towards ending something in your life which has run its course, only to replace it with something more fulfilling.

With a little foresight, you can learn how to use this astrological energy to come out of retrograde with a positive change, and a brighter outlook. Read on to discover how this last retrograde of 2020 could affect your sign!

ARIES (The Fool)


This retrograde will bring an opportunity to transform an element of your life that you’ve known was fading, false or negative for some time, but have been hiding from others because you felt either ashamed, anxious or unsure about how to sort it out.

Facing this truth will bring the insight to help you move forward, feeling confident again.

Seek to transform what no longer works in your life.

TAURUS (Knight of Cups)

Love life issues. 

Mixed messages and crossed wires will be an irritating theme this retrograde, creating tension with loved ones as they get the wrong end of the stick.

However, don’t avoid the conversations (or rows) this provokes, because some new truths WILL emerge (that need to), all of which can help to improve and repair bonds which have been under pressure or strained in 2020.

GEMINI (The Tower)

Let it burn.

Life moves us forward through a series of unexpected, natural and spontaneous circumstances and changes.

Resistance is futile, and just creates sorrow. Whatever unfolds this retrograde, let it be, let it happen, let yourself go with the flow and KNOW it will be alright in the end.

The Tower shows that whatever is affected is an area that needed rebuilding anyway, life is just doing the demolition job for you right now.

Actually, be grateful. This was overdue, and now you can move forwards.

CANCER (Ace of Swords)

Home truths

You are one of the most secretive signs, Cancer, but even you have to face your inner demons and fears sometimes, you can’t live “on the run” from that which scares or pains you.

The Ace of Swords says that you can use this retrograde to express, finally and honestly, your worst fears right now.

Get them out, exorcise them.

Once voiced, their power over you will disappear, and you can address the reality you now understand way better.

LEO (Four of Cups)

Passive aggressive

If you just keep letting things slide by this retrograde, Leo, you could find yourself in a hole that’s harder to dig your way out of, than it would be to resist going into it!

The Four of Cups shows that your greatest obstacle right now is not engaging, leaning in, addressing the miscommunications or issues ahead.

If you let them slide, you’ll be dragged along with them into an untrue and unfair spot. Don’t let that happen.

VIRGO (Ten of Swords)

Escape a bully

The Ten of Swords shows that you will see someone in their true light this retrograde.

And you will realise their domineering and overbearing attitude has really gotten to you, in ways you didn’t fully understand.

Things will come to a head, and you will appreciate that the only way through this is OUT of it. Head for the Exit.

Sever ties, withdraw, cut the cords. Someone people are toxic, and you’re better off without them.

LIBRA (Six of Cups)


By looking back or even rekindling something with someone you used to know, this retrograde season, you discover something about yourself that shocks you.

How strange it is when we realise how much of the motivation and drivers of our own behaviour is hidden from us.

The Six of Cups reveals you’ll spot a pattern, or a self-limiting belief, that has always tripped you up. Self-awareness is the first step towards transformation.

SCORPIO (The Lovers) 

Chaotic thoughts

I think the main message for you this retrograde is to just GET THROUGH it, in one piece, without doing anything too drastic or sudden.

The Lovers shows you’ll have all kinds of crazy thoughts and ideas, options and analysis going on in that secretive brain of yours. Let your thoughts and feelings ebb and flow.

Don’t act on everything you think of. None of this is really permanent or solid, it’s like a fleeting and fast-flowing river of emotion.

Don’t drown in it. Don’t get swept too far away with it.

Hold on to the shore, keep your footing, and know that this too shall pass. Calm will be restored.



The World is the tarot’s final card and shows you’re going to enter a major period of transformation this retrograde.

Events will bring many matters to a head in your world, things that are drawing to the end of their natural cycle.

It won’t be all sad though, because new energy will also flow in to replace whatever is lost. Let this happen.

Go with the flow, because you’re being guided towards a new chapter in life.

CAPRICORN (The Hermit)

Hunker down

Chaos, errors, spoiled plans, miscommunications… these are the stuff of nightmares for you, because you’re an organised and practical Capricorn!

Perhaps the best thing for you, this retrograde, is to just batten down the hatches, cancel all non-essential plans and business, and enjoy your own company, doing your own thing, being quiet and restful and peaceful in your own lil’ sanctuary.

Bliss actually. Think of it as a Mercury Retrograde Retreat! Light the candles.

AQUARIUS (Knight of Wands)

Avoid the pests

People are going to GET.ON.YOUR.NERVES. this retrograde, Aquarius.

Perhaps you need a “time out” from your usual circle, because they are going to drive you nuts with their squabbles, demands, gossip and crossed wires.

Don’t get sucked into the drama, whatever happens, because you’ll only end up being on the “wrong side” at some point, and punished for no good reason.

Keep them at arm’s length until the storms have died down.

PISCES (The Chariot)

Be super clear

Clarity and purpose are the two qualities that will get you through and out of this Mercury retrograde, still making progress and feeling positive.

If you drift, you lose. So, make sure you know where you’re going and what you’re doing to get there.

The Chariot is about having focus and knowing your intentions, and following them doggedly and single-mindedly.

This isn’t a time to be optional. Focus.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

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