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Trump poses next to huge CRANE as he vows to ‘lift weight of regulation’ and protect suburbs from ‘far left’ Democrats

0 4 months ago

PRESIDENT Donald Trump vowed to lift regulations on Americans beneath a giant crane and two pickup trucks parked on stage at the White House.

At a campaign-style event on Thursday, the president promised to slash regulations in areas like fair housing and clean water underneath an enormous crane emblazoned with a “Trump Administration” banner.

Donald Trump cranes
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President Trump vowed to lift regulations beneath a giant crane on Thursday afternoon[/caption]

The Mega Agency

Trump promised to ‘bring back consumer choice’ in housing appliances by eliminating water consumption regulations[/caption]

The crane held three weights, which were suspended over two Chevrolet pickup trucks as a prop meant to illustrate the burden of regulations.

Trump railed about poor water pressure as a result of regulations meant to reduce water consumption and said his administration is “bringing back consumer choice” in home appliances.

“We are bringing back consumer choice in home appliances so that you can buy washers and dryers, showerheads, and faucets,” he told the 200 attendees in Washington DC.

He slammed a George W. Bush-era regulation to phase out 100-watt lightbulbs in favor of more energy-efficient ones like LED or fluorescent and claimed he brought back “old fashioned incandescent light bulbs.”

“I brought them back. They have two nice qualities: they’re cheaper and they’re better. They look better, they make you look so much better. That’s important to all of us,” Trump said.

The president renewed his attack on Democrats a day after he maligned an Obama-era housing regulation meant to bolster the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

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The president illustrated his point by attaching giant weights to the crane to show the burden or regulations[/caption]

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He also claimed he had brought back ‘old fashioned incandescent light bulbs’[/caption]

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President Trump walks between two Chevrolet pickup trucks after delivering his speech at the White House[/caption]

He accused Democrats of trying to “abolish” and “destruct” American suburbs as a consequence of defunding police forces nationwide.

“They want to defund and abolish your police and law enforcement while at the same time destroying our great suburbs. The suburb destruction will end with us next week,” Trump claimed, referencing the loss of suburban Republican House seats in the 2018 midterm election.

Trump stressed that he “will be discussing the AFFH rule”, a 2015 fair housing regulation he deemed “a disaster”.

“And our plans to protect the suburbs from being obliterated by Washington Democrats, by people on the far left that want to see the suburbs destroyed, that don’t care,” Trump said.

He added: “People have worked all their lives to get into a community and now they’re going to watch it go to hell. Not going to happen. Not while I’m here.”

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Trump also attacked Joe Biden, claiming that the Democratic nominee would ‘subjugate’ suburban communities[/caption]

For the second day in a row, Trump bashed Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

He claimed the former vice president would “threaten” Americans’ way of life and “subjugate” communities through harsh regulations.

“Our entire economy and our very way of life are threatened by Biden’s plans to transform our nation and subjugate our communities through the blunt force instrument of federal regulation at a level you haven’t seen yet,” he said.

“They want to go many times what they put you under in the past.”


He also claimed that Biden would ‘threaten’ Americans’ way of life[/caption]

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