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Trump retweets clip of conservative host Mark Levin calling Obama a ‘pathological liar’ as feud heats up again

0 4 months ago

PRESIDENT Donald Trump shared a video of conservative radio host Mark Levin slamming Barack Obama as a “pathological liar” during a tweet storm over the weekend.

In a conversation with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Levin took several hits at former President Obama over comments he made about voter suppression during a speech at the funeral of Rep John Lewis.

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Former president Obama delivered a politically-charged eulogy at the funeral of Civil Rights icon Rep John Lewis[/caption]

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Mark Levin called Obama a ‘pathological liar’[/caption]

Obama proposed radical changes to the way elections are held in the US during his eulogy for Lewis, who was laid to rest on Thursday, and slammed “those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting.”

Levin took issue with everything from the fact that the funeral was held in the first place, to the idea that mail-in ballots can be used during the 2020 election to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 at polling locations.

“First of all, I’m utterly confused, I thought people aren’t allowed to have funerals,” Levin quipped.

He then slammed Obama as a “pathological liar,” and said Democrats are “trying to set the stage – if it’s a close election with one or two battleground states – that it’s systemic racism.”

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President Trump shared the interview to his Twitter over the weekend[/caption]

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Obama called for radical changes to the way elections are held during his speech[/caption]

“They’ve been laying this foundation for months and months and months,” he added. “No, every vote doesn’t count. Every legal vote counts.”

Among the changes Obama proposed were making Election Day a national holiday, automatic voter registration and eliminating the filibuster if necessary.

Levin also raised an issue with mail-in ballots in the interview, reiterating the message that President Trump has been pushing, that they will open up the election to fraud.

“We all know that the mail-in vote won’t work,” Levin said.

“There have been studies. CBS recently did something that showed it … we’re going to rely on the Post Office?”

“Whatever the Democrats want, it’s because they’re corrupt,” Levin added. “They are tearing down and burning down every institutional aspect of this society.”

Levin also slammed Obama as “one of the great reasons” there is a “huge racial divide” in the US.

The video was part of a handful of highly critical tweets Trump shared over the weekend.

He also shared several other clips from FOX’s Watters World were the host slams “the lies you hear from the media or on social media about a Biden victory.”

The series of videos claim Trump has an edge over likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden in several battleground states.

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