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Unsolved Mysteries: What happened to Jack Wheeler and how did he die?

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JACK Wheeler was brutally murdered by “blunt force trauma” and dumped at Cherry Island Landfill in Delaware.

It is still unsure how the events of his death unfolded but some say the behavior he exhibited in the days beforehand was erratic and disorienting.

Memorial Matters

Jack Wheeler’s body was recovered in a Delaware landfill[/caption]

What happened to Jack Wheeler?

Jack Wheeler, 66, is the subject of a Netflix series called Unsolved Mysteries.

Wheeler was slain after being found wandering outside several office buildings looking “confused and disoriented” at 8:30pm on December 30, 2010.

It is unclear how he was murdered.

He was spotted on December 29 wearing a black suit and only one shoe, according to The Washington Post.


He was last seen on December 30, 2010[/caption]

Wheeler was apparently trying to gain access to a garage and wanted to pay for a parking fee but his car was in a different garage at the time.

He had also mentioned to a parking attendant that his briefcase had been stolen.

Wheeler went into a store and approached a pharmacist asking for a ride to Wilmington, Delaware.

The pharmacist offered to call him a cab and Wheeler then left.

His body was found 14 hours later.

Who was Jack Wheeler?

Wheeler was chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund prior to his death.

Memorial Matters

His death remains a mystery and no one was arrested in connection with the killing[/caption]

He was also employed as a senior planner for Amtrak, an official of the Securities and Exchange Commission, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, consultant to the Mitre Corporation, and presidential aide to Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Did they arrest anyone in connection to his death?

No suspects were arrested in connection to Wheeler’s death.

His murder remains unsolved.

When is Unsolved Mysteries airing?

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 will be released on Monday October 19 on Netflix.

The show’s second volume will feature six new episodes.

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