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Watch Justin Gaethje throw away interim UFC lightweight title belt in Khabib face-off as ‘it means nothing’

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THIS is the moment Justin Gaethje throws away his UFC interim lightweight title belt – because it ‘means nothing’.

American Gaethje, 31, fights undefeated 28-0 king Khabib Nurmagomedov for the real thing on Saturday night at UFC 254.

Getty Images – Getty

Khabib and Gaethje came face to face but the American did not want his interim lightweight title on display[/caption]

Gaethje was shown taking off the interim belt, which he says ‘means nothing’ to him

Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 to claim the interim crown.

But at the face-off against Khabib at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, The Highlight proved his title was in his opinion worthless, as he discarded it while setting his sights on Khabib’s silverware.

Footage showed Gaethje take his intermin title off his shoulder while Khabib kept his lightweight belt on as they posed for photos.

The two seemed cordial and respectful, shaking hands and patting each other on the arm.

But in each is a desperate desire to beat the other for one of the UFC’s most coveted titles.

Gaethje, who has 22 wins and 2 losses in his MMA career and whose ‘game plan’ to beat Khabib was leaked in a video, has never been keen on gloating about being interim champ.

He threw the belt on the floor when he was presented it after beating Ferguson last May, adamant he was waiting for the ‘real thing’.

And in the build-up to Saturday’s blockbuster, Gaethje explained why he was only interested in what Khabib has.

Getty Images – Getty

Gaethje is never keen to show off the interim lightweight title belt[/caption]

He told BT Sport: “Everyone says they bring something different to the cage than his last opponent… you saw when Dustin Poirier got that interim title wrapped around his waist he was done, he had made it.

“He still had the biggest mountain to claim – that’s Khabib.

“I think he really did not help himself at all there.

“Why would you feel you have made it, or you’re the champion? It’s just the interim title.

“You get money and that’s fantastic and I’m happy about that, but the challenge is Khabib.

“Outside of that, it means nothing.”

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