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We salute Boris Johnson for heading, reluctantly, for the No Deal exit door – but Brussels left him little choice

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WE salute Boris Johnson for heading, reluctantly, for the No Deal exit door. But in reality Brussels left him little choice.

The EU’s demands are patently absurd to anyone but the Tory-hating Remainer diehards of Twitter.

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PA:Press Association

We salute Boris Johnson for heading, reluctantly, for the No Deal exit door[/caption]

Like it or not, Brexit — backed by ­voters at the 2016 referendum and two successive elections — is a democratic mandate to take back control of our national sovereignty in all areas.

That includes our laws and our fishing waters.

After all this time, Brussels — tediously obsessed with Britain “paying a price” for leaving — still seems convinced our PM will buckle on one or both.

He can’t and won’t. Leave voters and his own party would revolt. But surrender was never in Boris’s mind anyway.

It will be a fatal error for the EU to believe he will cave in the end. Optimists believe this is all just pantomime and posturing.

That Boris and Brussels (specifically, President Macron) will, after flexing their muscles for their voters, eventually sign on the ­dotted line. We’re far more doubtful.

The Sun has always wanted a Canada-style trade deal which fully recognised our new independence. But Brussels, and the French in particular, won’t allow it.

They would apparently rather harm their economies, along with ours, on top of the Covid woes we all share.

Maybe they will yet wake up and ­compromise. But if not?

Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Covid buster

THE new 15-minute Covid swab tests ­trumpeted by Boris may sound like another triumph of hope over experience. But hope is pretty much all we have.

In vast numbers they would be a game-changer. So we can but pray the PM’s pledge of trialling them shortly in Tier 3 areas comes to pass.

AFP or licensors

Hopefully Boris’ pledge of trialling the new 15-minute Covid swab tests in Tier 3 areas comes to pass[/caption]

There is hope too in a promising Oxford University test, purportedly able to detect Covid in five minutes.

And we can cling to the fact that ­confirmed cases are not rising as fast as in April ­— indeed they fell yesterday — that hospitalisations and deaths are still far lower and that doctors know far more about Covid now than they did.

The Sun has doubts about lockdowns of any sort. But we far prefer local ones to tackle this patchy new surge.

A national one makes no sense. Why wreck businesses in low-Covid areas due to hotspots hundreds of miles away?

Besides, a “circuit-breaker” beloved of lockdown fans would achieve little:
Just long enough to put more people out of work, but too short even to register falls in the death toll. And certainly not long enough for our broken test-and-trace system to get its act together.

It had all summer to get on top of a far smaller number of cases and still failed.

Once in place, that supposedly brief circuit-breaker would stay for months.
And that way lies bankruptcy.

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