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Who is Edmund O’Leary?

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EDMUND O’Leary had been struggling with his mental health, but hit rock bottom on October 16.

That’s when he sent out a tweet asking for help – and strangers from all over the world rallied around him.

Edmund O’Leary is a 51 year-old from Epsom, Surrey

Who is Edmund O’Leary?

Edmund O’Leary is a 51 year-old from Epsom, Surrey.

He hit the headlines for a tweet he posted on October 16.

O’Leary, who has been struggling with his mental health during lockdown, tweeted that he had hit “rock bottom”.

He appealed for help on the social media platform, writing: “I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you.”

O’Leary, who has worked as a mental health adviser, has been unemployed for 18 months.

The dad-of-two has struggled with depression for more than a decade and also has anxiety and PTSD.

He told the Times: “But this year has been absolutely horrendous. My mental health has really taken a battering. I live on my own, I’m divorced, I don’t have much family support.”


Edmund O’Leary has struggled with depression for more than a decade[/caption]

How many people replied to Edmund O’Leary’s tweet?

After O’Leary sent out the tweet, he could never have anticipated the reaction that came next.

Strangers from across the globe reached out to brighten his mood.

The tweet has now been seen over 10 million times, with over 100,000 replies and nearly 300,000 likes.

BBC journalist responded to Edmund with a link to a poem, writing: “Hello Edmund from London. Morning always comes. Here’s something from a while ago”

One local man asked Edmund out for a coffee, while other well-wishers asked if he needed help with his CV.

O’Leary is a self-described aviation enthusiast, and Dublin Airport’s official social media account also joined in, tweeting: “Hi Edmund, you are not alone,


The Surrey man sent out his plea on Twitter[/caption]

“So many people are feeling exactly that way at the minute. Never forget that you are loved & there are people who care about you.

“We see you like 747s; here’s one just for you, along with a picture of dawn in Dublin. Sending you hugs from back home.”

Edmund told The Sunday Times: “Most days are really rubbish, and yesterday was another day I was feeling really low.

“I thought: I’m going to be honest.

“I am shocked at the degree of the response. It has been phenomenal … It was just crazy.

“If I were to respond to every single tweet, I’m not joking, I’d need to employ staff.”


Edmund was overhwelmed with responses[/caption]

Does Edmund O’Leary have any children?

O’Leary is dad to twin sons, Patrick and Connor.

Patrick, 22, was meant to have a graduation ceremony this year which was cancelled due to coronavirus.

His other son, Connor was due to start a PhD programme in Dublin, which was also cancelled.

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