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Woman reveals how to get your kitchen worktop sparkling clean using a baby wipe and plastic knife

0 4 months ago

IT happens to the best of us – we think the kitchen is sparkling clean because we’re only cleaning the dirt we CAN see.

When was the last time you took a scrubbing brush to those hard-to-reach areas like the metal kitchen edging? It’s a tough spot clean many of us neglect.

Using just wipes, some disinfectant spray and a plastic knife, the woman shows how to get surfaces sparkling clean

But with the help of a new TikTok cleaning hack, getting into those difficult cracks and crevices just got a lot easier.

One savvy cleaning fan has revealed how you can get your worktops sparkling with a wipe and a plastic knife.

Posting on the video sharing app TikTok, the woman explained that the cleaning tip had been passed on by her grandma.

“This is a hack my nan taught me a few years ago before she passed, when she was cleaning and she showed me how it’s done,” she said.

Just one swipe with the knife digs up lots of dirt

Determined to get her worktops looking spick and span, the woman began by covering the surface with a spritz of Flash surface cleaner.

She then took a makeup wipe – although a multipurpose wipe or baby wipe would also work – and wrapped it around a plastic picnic knife.

Using the knife to scrub dirt from under the metal edging, she said: “This is the shocking part. You put the baby wipe over the knife and then you just dig away.”

And the best part is, the woman’s cleaning hack didn’t require any scrubbing. The dirt simply lifted away with one motion.

This is by no means the first cleaning hack to take TikTok by storm.

We previously told you about the amazingly simple method for cleaning hair, oil and dead skin off your hairbush.

And people were wowed by the viral video showing how to clean your kitchen waste disposal unit using nothing but ice – and it’s SO effective.

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Plus we’ve put together an A-Z of cleaning hacks to help you avoid throwing time – and money – down the drain.

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