Former WWE Superstar and MMA legend Ken Shamrock was recently interviewed by WrestleZone in which he revealed some advice he was received from Hall Of Famer Bret Hart.

“I think that it was real – I started out early on before I ever started my professional fighting career, as a pro wrestler in North Carolina, and I had some success there. I didn’t do anything big, but I had some success. Then I had the opportunity to go to Japan and fight in Pancrase and from that, I went on to UFC and did some things there. And then went into pro wrestling.

One thing that I learned, and I got a lot of that from Bret Hart, was that, when WWF brought me in, they brought me in to be “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” The submission specialist. So therefore when I was working with Bret to prepare myself to go into pro wrestling, that’s what Bret told me, ‘Don’t change. Be yourself. Go in the ring, don’t do the things – somebody tries to call a spot for you to do all these wrestling moves.’ He says people will just, they won’t register, because they’re looking at someone that they know where you come from, and they’re not going to buy anything else you’re doing. You need to be the guy you are. So you throw your ankle locks, and you throw your armbars and your chokes, and your punches and your kicks, while you’re in the pro wrestling ring.

So I really did. I just kind of mastered me and just put myself in that ring and just went through it like I was sparring in a match without trying to hurt somebody. I just went in there and tried to spar with guys.”

Shamrock and Impact both confirmed that “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” will be returning to the company and be apart of the upcoming TV tapings in Las Vegas on September 5 and 6.


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