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Young girl rescued by ferry workers after she is swept out to sea on giant inflatable unicorn

0 3 months ago

A YOUNG girl was rescued by ferry workers after she was swept out to sea on a giant inflatable unicorn.

The youngster floated away from the Greek coast she and her parents were at on Sunday.


The little girl floated out to sea on an inflatable unicorn off the town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith.[/caption]

The little girl, around four or five years old, had been playing in the ocean off the town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith before she bobbed out into the ocean.

When her panicked mum and dad realised she had drifted out of their reach they called on a local ferry to help out.

The captain of the boat spotted her and was filmed slowly approaching the youngster – who somehow managed to stay sitting calmly on her blow-up steed.

An amazing video captured the moment she was safely plucked from the sea and picked up.

The Greek City Times reports she was eventually handed safely over to her worried parents.

Earlier this month a six-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital after reportedly being swept out to sea on an inflatable swan in North Wales.

The little boy was found face-down and unconscious in the water after a hero builder swam in to rescue him off the coast of Black Rock Sands.

And last year a terrified tourist was rescued in Crete after floating for 21 hours on the open sea on an inflatable sunbed being swept away by a strong current.

Russian medic Olga Kuldo, 55, was saved after a border patrol plane checking for illegal immigrants spotted her seven miles offshore.

She floated through one night and was reportedly fried alive by the hot sun the following day. She needed hospital treatment for exposure and resulting heart problems.

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